Musings {by Mo!}

Welcome to Musings {by Mo} by me, Mo! or Motolani.

Here’s a lot about me:

I am an assistant professor of pharmacy, a podcaster, a certified public speaker, Koreanophile, and a somewhat reluctant writer. I was born in Nigeria and moved to the US in my 20s to pursue two advanced degrees. While not writing, I divide my time between podcasting and setting stories free, conducting research in cancer and lupus, and traveling. I have a knack for knowledge and my friends describe me as an information forager. I intend to infuse all these characteristics and flavor into my newsletter.

Another reason behind starting this newsletter is to create a space to talk about deep and personal issues that you won’t ordinarily see me share on other platforms. You also get the opportunity to get to know me better on a deeper, spiritual level. Plus, I look forward to the ensuing active engagement from you that the current platform will provide.

What should you expect?

Musings {by Mo!} will contain musings, ideas, thoughts, personal journals, questions about faith, religion, science, marriage, travels, culture, human observation, and occasional informative podcast episodes, and so much more. Apart from the weekly newsletter, you will get access to monthly special podcast sessions featuring guests on a wide variety of informative topics and questions, including those suggested by you.

By signing up, you are already a part of this community and will gain access to the free stuff, which will contain lots of valuable resources. But there’s an opportunity for you to take this relationship to the next level, by becoming a Mosibling - basically, you get a hall pass into the deep crevices of my brain.

As a result, Musings {by Mo!} will offer a paid subscription model with opportunities for a year-long subscription at a discounted launch rate of $50 per year. (One month for $5.99). If you are unable to pay, don’t worry, you get the opportunity to still partake via some freebies I will be sharing as well. 

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