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Remembering Moradeun Balogun (Aug 16, 1991-Dec 2, 2019)

Today I invite you to live more intentionally by exploring the life and legacy of Moradeun.

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I remember the first time I heard about Moradeun; it was also sadly the same day she died. A lot of people on my WhatsApp had her picture up, which piqued my curiosity to know more about her. It turned out she had died quite tragically – a victim of an armed robbery who, due to negligence by the hospital she was taken to, succumbed to her fatal wounds. Stories of people dying in this way is not news in Nigeria; the chances are that you already know someone who knows someone who has gone through a similar experience. But Moradedun was not just someone. Far from being another mortality statistic, she was a tour de force whose legacy will most likely never die.

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And I wanted to know more about this lady. The more I read, the more I was intrigued by her life, saddened by how she died, but eventually filled with hope knowing that she’s gone home to rest. Since her death, her loved ones have sprung into action, demanding reforms on how hospitals respond to similar cases. Her dad, in his BBC interview, while acknowledging that there’s nothing that can be done to bring her back, also expressed the need for reform.

One can say that even in death, Moradeun is still making an impact.

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It also turned out that Moradeun had a podcast (@becomingbydesign), which I subscribed to in January. She had a total of eight episodes released.

Becoming by Design with Moradeun Balogun

Imagine my surprise when I got a new episode alert. It turned out her friends decided to keep her podcast going. Recently, they released a tribute episode where they invited a handful of her close friends to reminisce and talk all things Moradeun and the impact she’s had on them.

I listened to the hour-long episode and wanted more. Despite the episode being about death, there were moments that made me laugh and smile. Most importantly, it reminded me to keep finding ways to be more intentional with life and the people around me. You also got the opportunity to hear more about Moradeun. Momo, as her friends liked to call her loved the color purple and elephants.

She was also a fashion enthusiast, prayer warrior, mother hen, and to many a friend, and sister. She was warm, a giver of hugs, intentional about her friends, and was always ready to pray with and encourage them. These she did with so much fervor that they collectively branded her “Assistant Holy Spirit.”


Kudos to her friends, who rallied together, turned their grief outwardly to create such a masterpiece episode. I pray for succor for them and others that they find strength day by day despite the tragedy they have experienced.

I hope you all give her podcast a listen; share it with your friends as well.

Keep resting in heaven, MoMo!


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Last photo courtesy Seun Olagunju